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Accent Eyes Experts at Preventing and Treating Eye Fatigue

Virtually everyone suffers at one time or another with eye fatigue. Eye fatigue, also known as eyestrain is a very common condition, which occurs when you use your eyes for long periods or for intensive uses, such as driving for a long time, studying or close on detail work. Eye fatigue is particularly common for those of us who use computers, tablets and smart phones, and read a lot. This is particularly true in poor lighting or when we do not take care of our eye health.

Eye fatigue is not only annoying, but it can also be an important symptom of more dangerous hidden medical conditions, such as allergies or infections of the eyes or surrounding areas, poor control of diabetes, sleep problems or being stressed of fatigued. Eye strain is often one of the first thing someone notices when they are developing problems with the eyes themselves, such as problems with focusing, vision accuracy, cataracts or macular degeneration.

At Accent Eyes our expert physicians and staff use the latest technology to give a thorough examination of your eyes. Our physicians fully understand the links between eye health and eye problems such as eye fatigue and other medical conditions. If part of the reason for eye fatigue is related to the need for corrective lenses, whether they be eyeglasses or contacts, we will provide a thorough exam and an accurate prescription for the correct prescription.

We at Accent Eyes work closely with your other health care providers to help address and co-manage your vision therapy with your overall medical care. Our staff not only provides expert diagnosis and treatment of eye fatigue and underlying conditions, but we also provide a comprehensive approach to eye health, including if needed vitamins and supplements to help keep your precious eyes healthy from the effects of under nutrition. Our supplements are of the highest quality and are formulated to help you achieve optimum eye health, one of the most important ways to prevent eye fatigue.

The goal at Accent Eye Care is to provide the highest quality vision care, eyewear, exams, therapy, and more in Phoenix, Arizona. Our eye care center offers comprehensive vision services for patients of all ages!

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