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Accent Eye Care Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

The eyes are naturally exposed to the environment, with the maintenance done by the eyelids to keep the front face of the eyeball known as the cornea moist. With many people falling victim to vision problems, some opt for a more discrete solution. Eyeglasses may be quite annoying for some, so they use contact lenses. […]

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Accent Eye Care NEUROLENS

Signs and Symptoms: Binocular Vision Dysfunction is where the eyes aren’t perfectly working in tandem at all times, causing alignment and misalignment to the eyes so they struggle to work as a team. This does not create a clear picture for the person of what they are looking at, whether it’s working from a laptop […]

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Sports Vision Screening is an optical training for athletes done with the aim of making their visual abilities better. These abilities are crucial as they help the athletes become exceptional in their sports. Among these skills are focusing, peripheral vision, eye-hand coordination, visual reaction time, and tracking. Activities done in this screening are customized for […]

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Accent Eye Care Glendale Vision Care

Your eyes deserve the best care possible. Glendale Vision Care is the premier eye care treatment office in the entire area for good reason. That is because our doctors and teamwork together to provide you with the most comprehensive eye examination and eye care. When you are searching for eye care in Glendale, we are […]

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Accent Eye Care Glendale Vision Correction

Our team at the Glendale Vision Correction know that eye conditions should be treated with as much care as possible. After all, most people will experience some sort of eye related issues in their lifetime. From classic childhood conditions like pink eye to supporting aging eyes, our team has seen it all. It’s never too […]

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