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Accent Eye Care EyeCam: Dry Eyes Imaging System

A dry eye is a condition when your eyes fail to produce enough tears or tear film, which results in irritation and blurry vision. Smooth and slick layer to bend light more precisely for better clarity of vision, and also form a protective barrier from the environment. Symptoms of dry eye include: – Stinging or […]

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Accent Eye Care Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

The eyes are naturally exposed to the environment, with the maintenance done by the eyelids to keep the front face of the eyeball known as the cornea moist. With many people falling victim to vision problems, some opt for a more discrete solution. Eyeglasses may be quite annoying for some, so they use contact lenses. […]

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Accent Eye Care Varilux X Lenses

Varilux X embodies more than 55 years of research and innovation, with the goal of providing the wearer with an unmatched viewing experience at close ranges and even beyond. Results garnered from research, with actual eye-glass wearers, have allowed these progressive lenses sharp focus to detail with seamless transitions when viewing from varying distances. Other […]

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Accent Eye Care New Virtual Reality Vision Therapy

People with Amblyopia and Strabismus: Amblyopia and Strabismus are both functional vision issues that stem from how eyes work together (Eye Teaming) that hinder a person’s day-to-day activities. Strabismus is a condition where both eyes are looking at different points at the same place and time, having difficulty in creating one complete 3D image. The […]

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Accent Eye Care Are Your Eyes Feeling Old?

Having trouble reading a menu or need more light reading a magazine or newspaper? If you answered yes and are over 40, join the club! Millions of people in your age group find their vision is not as sharp as it used to be, have trouble reading labels on food packages in the grocery store, […]

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Accent Eye Care Types of Eye Drops To Help Lubricate the Eyes

Eye drops can aid us in eye problems but they must be used with care and precaution in order not to cause further eye problems. First, it is important to know the 3 different types of eye drops. Artificial Tears These are the common eye drops for dry eyes. Its main purpose is to keep […]

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Accent Eye Care Natural Solutions for Dry Eye, Glaucoma, and Cataracts

Most people take having dry eyes for granted. Dry eyes can come from being in a room or office setting where there isn’t proper humidity. The air is just dry. Coupled with sitting in a bright room under fluorescent lights and having a computer monitor radiate back into your eyes. You have a recipe for […]

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Accent Eye Care Common Air Pollutants Constantly Bombarding Our Eyes

The eye is a delicate body organ with a large and moist site area that is visible to external factors of the environment that makes it very exposed and prone to air pollution compared to other body organs. Pollution is the introduction of destructive resources into the environment. There are different types of pollution: water […]

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Accent Eye Care Corneal Transplantation Procedure Called Keratoplasty

Corneal Transplantation is the oldest and most common form of medical procedure that repairs the damaged or diseased cornea with better body tissue by the use of transplantation of a cornea from one individual to another. This is a classical treatment for several types of blindness caused by diseases. The cornea is the transparent and […]

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