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Accent Eye Care Entropion | Accent Eye Care

Entropion When your eyelashes and skin touch and rub against the surface of your eyes, it triggers pain, discomfort and eye irritation. This condition is called entropion. It happens when the skin of the eyelid bends inward. The rubbing on the eye’s surface causes many of the following signs and symptoms. These include continual eye […]

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Accent Eye Care Tucson Vision Therapy  | Accent Eye Care

Accent Eyes for Premier Tucson Vision Therapy Sight is our most important sense. Having well cared for eyes with doctors and staff that are experienced and expert in eye care is essential to not only treating eye disease by preventing eye disease. The board certified doctors and staff of Tucson vision care at Accent Eyes […]

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Accent Eye Care Expert Vision Therapy Care for Dyslexia | Accent Eye Care

Accent Eyes’ Phoenix Dyslexia Reversals for Expert Vision Therapy Care for Dyslexia Accent Eyes’ Phoenix Dyslexia Reversal, is recognized for our expertise in helping patients overcome the problems they suffer because of a condition called dyslexia reversals. So, just what is dyslexia reversals? This troubling medical condition sometimes is called “word blindness” and usually referred […]

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Accent Eye Care Treating Eye Fatigue | Accent Eye Care

Accent Eyes Experts at Preventing and Treating Eye Fatigue Virtually everyone suffers at one time or another with eye fatigue. Eye fatigue, also known as eyestrain is a very common condition, which occurs when you use your eyes for long periods or for intensive uses, such as driving for a long time, studying or close […]

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Accent Eye Care Expert Vision Therapy for Amblyopia (Lazy Eye Syndrome) | Accent Eye Care

Expert Vision Therapy for Amblyopia (Lazy Eye Syndrome) Lazy Eye Syndrome, more properly known medically as amblyopia is a medical condition that is usually seen in a small percentage of children. It most often occurs from birth up until the age of 7 years. It is generally not a dangerous condition by itself, but can […]

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Accent Eye Care Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Clear | North Phoenix Eye Care

At Accent Eyes we put family first. Our North Phoenix eye care treatment center welcomes patients of all ages looking for quality vision exams, therapy, treatments and more. Nobody should have to struggle with daily vision problems. With our highly qualified staff, state of the art technology, and decades of experience, we can provide the […]

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Accent Eye Care 5 Fun Lazy Eye Exercises You Can Do At Home! | Accent Eyes

Amblyopia, more commonly known as lazy eye, is a condition that causes blurry vision, headaches, and reduced clarity due to either misalignment or a lack of control. According to the National Eye Institute, about 3 percent of US children have some degree of amblyopia. Many people are surprised to find that lazy eye isn’t only […]

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Accent Eye Care What Type of Phoenix Vision Care Specialist Should You See? | Accent Eyes

The importance of healthy eyes cannot be overstated or emphasized enough. In order to live fully, enjoying all the beautiful sights, we need healthy eyes. This means being proactive in our eye health. Unfortunately, our eyes are very fragile and are prone to damage or malfunction, especially late in life. This may be due to carelessness, […]

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“The eyes are the windows to the soul.” This popular poetic expression holds a lot of truth, but even the clearest windows can be smudged and shattered. Today, with advances in healthcare policies and technologies, optical services are readily available to more and more people. Everybody should visit their nearest eye doctor for a comprehensive […]

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