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Accent Eye Care Nutritional Supplements for Eye Health

Lutein and Zeaxanthin are carotenoids (pigments found in plants and retina) which increase density on the retina. It can absorb high-energy blue and ultraviolet light that are eye damaging. These pigments on plants also produce the bright yellow, red and orange colors of plants, vegetables and fruits. For humans, it acts as an antioxidant. Zinc […]

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Accent Eye Care Expert Vision Therapy Care for Dyslexia | Accent Eye Care

Accent Eyes’ Phoenix Dyslexia Reversals for Expert Vision Therapy Care for Dyslexia Accent Eyes’ Phoenix Dyslexia Reversal, is recognized for our expertise in helping patients overcome the problems they suffer because of a condition called dyslexia reversals. So, just what is dyslexia reversals? This troubling medical condition sometimes is called “word blindness” and usually referred […]

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Accent Eye Care Treating Eye Fatigue | Accent Eye Care

Accent Eyes Experts at Preventing and Treating Eye Fatigue Virtually everyone suffers at one time or another with eye fatigue. Eye fatigue, also known as eyestrain is a very common condition, which occurs when you use your eyes for long periods or for intensive uses, such as driving for a long time, studying or close […]

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Eye Care Is More Important Now Than Ever In today’s world, millions of people wear both glasses and contacts to protect their eyes from sunlight. Nearly 75% of American need some sort of vision correction. Glasses are by far the most popular. Many people choose glasses because they offer more protection than contacts. Others simply […]

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Accent Eye Care Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Clear | North Phoenix Eye Care

At Accent Eyes we put family first. Our North Phoenix eye care treatment center welcomes patients of all ages looking for quality vision exams, therapy, treatments and more. Nobody should have to struggle with daily vision problems. With our highly qualified staff, state of the art technology, and decades of experience, we can provide the […]

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Accent Eye Care Vision Supplements | Finding the Right Balance For Your Eyes

What Micro-Nutrients Make Up Healthy Vision? Your body needs a variety of many micro-nutrients that are found in our everyday diet. Some of these are particularly important for eye development and health. Here are a few vitamins that play key roles in your vision. Vitamin A – A vision critical vitamin that provides rhodopsin, a […]

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