Accent Eye Care CRT - Corneal Refractive Therapy  My son, Johnny, has been using the CRT contacts for less than a week and his vision is already 20/20 for most of the day! He is only ten years old and has adjusted quickly to sleeping in them at night. Initially it was a little uncomfortable, but he is experiencing minimal discomfort now.

I am so grateful for this option which allows him to be glasses and contacts free all day for both school and sports! Dr. Gong and her staff are patient, knowledgeable and kind. The CRT lenses were truly the best option for my child.

-Autumn (mother)
September 28, 2017

Accent Eye Care CRT - Corneal Refractive Therapy  CRT at Dr. Gong’s worked out almost immediately. After one week, I returned to 20/20 vision. I recommend this to everyone I know!

-Daniel G.
October 2017