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Accent Eye Care EyeCam: Dry Eyes Imaging System

A dry eye is a condition when your eyes fail to produce enough tears or tear film, which results in irritation and blurry vision. Smooth and slick layer to bend light more precisely for better clarity of vision, and also form a protective barrier from the environment. Symptoms of dry eye include: – Stinging or […]

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Accent Eye Care Sleeping Eye Masks: Pros and Cons

A lot of people wear sleeping eye masks to improve their sleep. Covering the eyes and blocking out light can provide for longer hours of sleep, overall improving your next day. There are benefits to wearing a sleeping eye mask, but what about the negatives? Here are some of the pros and cons to wearing […]

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Accent Eye Care LASIK Eye Surgery — FAQ

LASIK eye surgery is an extremely popular and often performed laser eye procedure to correct vision problems. While the procedure is very simple, there are questions and concerns about it. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about LASIK eye surgery. Why would I need it? Instead of wearing glasses or contact lenses […]

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Accent Eye Care LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery is the most popular and most performed laser eye surgical procedure to correct vision problems. Instead of relying on glasses or contact lenses, someone with impaired vision can undergo laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) surgery. The doctor performing the surgery will use a special cutting laser that is designed to precisely alter […]

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Accent Eye Care Eye Allergies: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

If your eyes are itchy, red, and irritated, yet there is nothing in them, you might be suffering from allergies. Eye allergy symptoms might arise by themselves but are usually accompanied by nasal allergy symptoms (sneezing, sniffling, or stuffy nose). Eye allergies, much like nasal allergies, are triggered by outdoor allergens, such as pollens, grass, […]

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Accent Eye Care Expert Eye-Care Tips: Ask Your Optometrist

When making a regular appointment with an eye doctor, you are usually scheduled to see an optometrist. Optometrists provide primary vision care, such as testing and correcting eyesight, and managing any changes to your vision. Optometrists also have the ability to diagnose, and in some cases, treat optic issues you might experience. In addition to […]

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Accent Eye Care 3 Eye Exercises That Will Boost the Power of Your Optic Muscles

Eye exercises are helpful for those who experience eye strain and other eye conditions, but they unfortunately do not improve one’s vision. Digital eye strain is a common issue people struggle with, resulting from prolonged use of computers, phones, and other screens. While they do not improve or fix one’s vision, eye exercises can certainly […]

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Accent Eye Care Extended Wear Contact Lenses and Eye Health

Extended Wear Contact Lenses are contacts that you can leave in for an extended period of time and can be worn when sleeping. These lenses are different than your typical Daily Wear Contact Lenses that you remove at the of the day before bed. Extended wear contact lenses are generally thinner than regular lenses, which […]

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