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Accent Eye Care Crizal Lenses

Crizal Lenses aims to provide a complete package for a person and their eyes. Considering the need for an all-around lens that can offer maximum visual enhancement whilst withstanding everyday wear. Most eyeglasses lenses tend to overlook aspects that actually play a role in maintaining visual health outside of just improved vision, but not with […]

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Accent Eye Care NEUROLENS

Signs and Symptoms: Binocular Vision Dysfunction is where the eyes aren’t perfectly working in tandem at all times, causing alignment and misalignment to the eyes so they struggle to work as a team. This does not create a clear picture for the person of what they are looking at, whether it’s working from a laptop […]

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Accent Eye Care Silverstone SS OCT

The Silverstone SS OCT is a powerful and innovative technology that is revolutionizing and becoming the gold standard in today’s retinal imaging industry. It is the only one of its kind that has an ultra-widefield (UWF) imaging device with integrated swept-source OCT. It captures a retinal image with unrivaled, crystal clear, clarity in less than […]

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Accent Eye Care Corneal Transplantation Procedure Called Keratoplasty

Corneal Transplantation is the oldest and most common form of medical procedure that repairs the damaged or diseased cornea with better body tissue by the use of transplantation of a cornea from one individual to another. This is a classical treatment for several types of blindness caused by diseases. The cornea is the transparent and […]

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Accent Eye Care What is Orthokeratology?

Near-sighted people would love to see clearly objects at any distance without having to wear eyeglasses. And many have been looking at LASIK as the solution for this 20/20 vision goal, but did you know that Orthokeratology is another solution for this too? Orthokeratology is Corneal Refractive Therapy. Its sole purpose is to lessen the […]

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Accent Eye Care Are you at Risk for Loss of Central Vision?

Wet AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration) is also called Advanced Neovascular AMD. Wet AMD is a less common type of AMD compared to Dry AMD. It causes faster vision loss. Any stage of Dry AMD can develop and become Wet AMD. Unlike dry AMD that has 3 stages (early, intermediate and late); AMD is always in […]

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Accent Eye Care Affects of Blue Light

  It is common to experience dry and tired eyes after spending extensive time on a computer screen. These digital screens emit blue light which leads to undesirable concerns for our eyes like making them feel strained, dry or watery, and irritated. Blue light messes up with our circadian rhythm thus also affecting our sleep. […]

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Accent Eye Care Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome is a common eye ailment characterized by a lack of tear flow. It usually affects both eyes and causes severe discomfort in the form of stinging, itching, or burning. Tears help the eye maintain a healthy environment. Tears are produced by Meibomian glands, which are located around the eyes. These glands create […]

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Accent Eye Care Double Vision

Diplopia, also commonly known as double vision, is seeing two images of one object. This is seeing images as double, when in reality it is not. The double images will be seen by side or on top of another. This visual problem can lead to difficulty in maintaining reading and physical movement. Risk factors in […]

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Accent Eye Care Lazy Eye

Amblyopia, widely known as Lazy Eye, is a visual condition wherein on eye experiences reduced vision due to abnormal visual development which generally develops during the early stages from birth to 7 years. The lazy eye, which is the eye with weaker visual condition, often wanders inward our outward, which causes decreased vision. Other signs […]

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