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Accent Eye Care Varilux X Lenses

Varilux X embodies more than 55 years of research and innovation, with the goal of providing the wearer with an unmatched viewing experience at close ranges and even beyond. Results garnered from research, with actual eye-glass wearers, have allowed these progressive lenses sharp focus to detail with seamless transitions when viewing from varying distances. Other […]

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Accent Eye Care Phoenix Optical Technology | Accent Eye Care

Phoenix Optical Technology At AccentEyes, we have the power to diagnose many eye conditions sooner and more accurately, than nearly every other eye care facility in Phoenix. That is because our state-of-the-art Phoenix optical technology means we have advanced vision-screening options. Now diagnose a wide range of eye care symptoms. Visioffice is the most cutting […]

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Accent Eye Care Tucson Vision Therapy  | Accent Eye Care

Accent Eyes for Premier Tucson Vision Therapy Sight is our most important sense. Having well cared for eyes with doctors and staff that are experienced and expert in eye care is essential to not only treating eye disease by preventing eye disease. The board certified doctors and staff of Tucson vision care at Accent Eyes […]

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Accent Eye Care Treating Eye Fatigue | Accent Eye Care

Accent Eyes Experts at Preventing and Treating Eye Fatigue Virtually everyone suffers at one time or another with eye fatigue. Eye fatigue, also known as eyestrain is a very common condition, which occurs when you use your eyes for long periods or for intensive uses, such as driving for a long time, studying or close […]

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Accent Eye Care Expert Vision Therapy for Amblyopia (Lazy Eye Syndrome) | Accent Eye Care

Expert Vision Therapy for Amblyopia (Lazy Eye Syndrome) Lazy Eye Syndrome, more properly known medically as amblyopia is a medical condition that is usually seen in a small percentage of children. It most often occurs from birth up until the age of 7 years. It is generally not a dangerous condition by itself, but can […]

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Accent Eye Care Do You Need a Contacts Prescription? | Accent Eye Care

How important is your eye health? The eyes like most body parts is prone to weaknesses as a result of age and unhealthy lifestyle habits that include smoking, poor nutrition, excessive screen time, lack of sleep and more. According to the World Health Organization, impaired vision remains the most widespread disability globally by 3 out […]

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Eye Care Is More Important Now Than Ever In today’s world, millions of people wear both glasses and contacts to protect their eyes from sunlight. Nearly 75% of American need some sort of vision correction. Glasses are by far the most popular. Many people choose glasses because they offer more protection than contacts. Others simply […]

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Accent Eye Care Technology of Our Advanced Eye Care Center | Accent Eyes

The eye is a complex and fragile organ that provides a key sense that we use every day. Having good vision contributes to your productivity in life. At Accent Eyes, our advanced eye care center offers a variety of services that are uniquely designed to fit each patient. Everyone from newborns to the elderly can […]

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