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Pioneering Technology by Optos – Silverstone

Accent Eye Care Eye Examinations and Testing


Silverstone, the most powerful tool yet for examining the retina, is the only ultra-widefield imaging device with integrated swept source OCT.

Silverstone produces a 200° single-capture retinal image of unrivaled clarity in less than ½ second and enables optomap® guided OCT scanning across the retina and into the far periphery.

Pioneering Technology by Optos – Daytona Plus

 Accent Eye Care Eye Examinations and Testing  Optos’ patented ultra-widefield digital scanning laser technology acquires images of the back of the eye that support the detection, diagnosis, analysis, documentation and management of ocular pathology and systemic disease that may first present in the periphery. These conditions may otherwise go undetected using traditional examination techniques and equipment. Simultaneous, non-contact, central pole-to-periphery views of up to 82% or 200 degrees of the retina are displayed in one single capture, compared to 45 degrees achieved with conventional methods.

Accent Eye Care Eye Examinations and Testing  Accent Eye Care Eye Examinations and Testing


Play the video below to find out about the new technology of Autofluorescence in the Daytona Plus.  This has the potential to discover pathology earlier than other standard retinal cameras because it can detect stressed retinal cells.

Glaucoma Screening Test GST from Haag Streit

Accent Eye Care Eye Examinations and Testing  Less than one minute 

Our new Glaucoma Screening Test GST can distinguish between normal and abnormal visual fields in less than one minute. The test is purely qualitative and distinguishes between normal and abnormal visual fields by presenting stimuli three times at a brightness that patients with normal vision should see. If not seen, then the visual field is flagged as abnormal with high reliability and the patient can be further tested. Because the test is efficient, it opens doors for more routine visual field testing to ensure no pathology goes undetected. The patient-friendly Pulsar stimulus has been developed for early glaucoma detection and shows a short learning curve and low test-retest variability.

Sensitive glaucoma analysisAccent Eye Care Eye Examinations and Testing

The sensitive Cluster Analysis groups visual field defects along nerve fibre bundles and combines high sensitivity with good specificity to detect early glaucomatous changes. Significant defects are highlighted and the cluster defects can be used for structural comparison.

 For intuitive structural comparison

Combining the results of both structure and function is key to obtaining a comprehensive assessment of the onset and progression of glaucoma. The Octopus Polar Analysis projects local visual field defects along the nerve fibers to the optic disk and displays them oriented as structural results.


Accent Eye Care Eye Examinations and Testing

Heru uses vision augmentation applications utilizing AI algorithms to automatically personalize vision enhancement based on each patient’s unique visual defect.

Heru’s award-winning re:Vive™ 2.0 platform is a comprehensive, wearable, time-saving diagnostic, health and wellness tool featuring tests for visual fields, color vision, contrast sensitivity, and dark adaptation all on one platform.


New Pediatric Technology – Plusoptix

Accent Eye Care Eye Examinations and Testing  Accent Eye Care now has the recently developed Plusoptix Automated Refractor used to detect most common vision disorders in children as early as possible.

In combination with other entry examination tests, Dr. Gong and her staff will be able to determine a valuable starting point for myopia, astigmatism and axis measurements (information used for prescribing eyewear).

Plusoptix pediatric auto-refractors take binocular (both eyes simultaneously) or monocular readings from 1 meter (3.3 feet) away in less than one second and can even be used for strabismic (eye turn) or aphakic (lens removed from eye) patients.

SD-OCT (Spectral Domain – Optical Coherence Tomography)

Accent Eye Care Eye Examinations and Testing

Accent Eye Care Eye Examinations and Testing

OCT provides cross-sectional images of the retina through retinal imaging. We have the newest spectral domain (SD) technology which improves image quality and acquisition, providing a larger set of data points for accurate spatial correlations and mapping of individual retinal layers.

This new technology allows us to easily conduct an eye exam in Phoenix, AZ by offering complete retina, glaucoma, and keratoconus/anterior segment scanning as part of our advanced diagnostic testing. Because the streamlined user interfaces are fast and efficient, you will not be waiting long for your results.


Accent Eye Care Eye Examinations and Testing

Corneal topography is a non-invasive medical imaging technique for mapping thousands of points of the corneal surface, the front of the eye. This can be crucial in determining the quality of vision for conditions such as keratoconus and pellucid marginal degeneration, which may exhibit corneal steepening before any biomicroscopic signs are evident. Topography also is invaluable when evaluating pre- and postsurgical patients, especially corneal transplants, radial keratotomy or LASIK. Postoperatively, topography can help follow the healing phase and assist with contact lens fitting, especially for hard to fit contacts.

New Technology for digital preliminary testing

Accent Eye Care Eye Examinations and Testing  With the newly developed Stereo Optical digital Optec Plus, Dr Gong’s office can efficiently test for: loss of focusing flexibility, clarity of vision at distance and near, astigmatism ( 2 prescriptions required, 90 degrees apart ), latent hyperopia (farsightedness), fusion (ability to use your eyes together), lateral and vertical phoria ( where the eyes rest horizontally and vertically), depth perception ( 3-D vision), Color vision tests, contrast sensitivity test ( your ability to tell the difference between the target and background) and Horizontal peripheral vision testing for the DMV  paperwork: Stimuli at 45° nasal and 55°, 60°, 70°, 80°, 85°, 90° and 100° temporal.

 Retinal Imaging

Accent Eye Care Eye Examinations and Testing

Accent Eye Care Eye Examinations and Testing  Digital retinal imaging is another non-invasive procedure used by our office to conduct that incorporates high-resolution imaging systems to take pictures of the nerve-rich lining of your eye that you use to see with, the retina. This helps us to detect and manage eye and health conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, and macular degeneration.

Retinal images provide a permanent and historical record of changes in your eye. Images can be compared side-by-side, year after year, to discover even subtle changes and help monitor your eye health.

 Gene testing

Accent Eye Care Eye Examinations and Testing  Gene testing is a procedure to identify early or intermediate age-related macular degeneration risks. Gene testing recognizes those who will most likely develop advanced macular degeneration with vision loss.

For the test, a simple cheek swab is taken in Dr. Gong’s office, and is at no cost to you if you have medical insurance. The only charge would be for the office visit to review the results.

Macular degeneration usually goes unnoticed in most people until they lose central vision in one eye. The loss of vision can happen rapidly and without warning; it may be detained but is typically irreversible. In order to prevent blindness from macular degeneration, early discovery and treatment is crucial.

Visual Field Analyzer

Accent Eye Care Eye Examinations and Testing  A visual field test in our AZ eye exam facility is designed to detect dysfunctions in central and peripheral vision which can be caused from various medical conditions such as glaucoma, stroke, brain tumors, and other neurological deficits.

Our eye exam in Phoenix, AZ is performed by using the Visual Field Analyzer from Carl Zeiss, which utilizes Frequency Doubling Technology (FDT). FDT is proven technology used to target low redundancy ganglion cells; because these cells are sparsely populated, there is less compensation available to mask cell damage. By targeting these cells, the Humphrey FDT perimeters can detect early visual field loss.

Accent Eye Care Eye Examinations and Testing

BlephEx – Blepharitis treatment

The reason that the BlephEx treatment is so successful, is that it completely removes the exotoxin/lipase/superantigen-laden biofilm along the lid margin. This biofilm has been building up on our patients lids for decades, causing low-grade inflammation and slowly turning down and degrading tear production. 

For some of you who do Bleph Ex with us, when you leave our office, you will have completely clean lids, biofilm free for the first time in decades. This is the critical first step in effectively treating all forms of blepharitis and dry eye.

The biofilm is a necessary component for the Staph to become virulent. It is a multi-layered polysaccharide matrix with lots of channels, which allow for increased surface area as well as cell-to-cell communication. The density of bacteria can be greatly increased within this biofilm, which leads to quorum-sensing gene activation of virulence factors such as exotoxins, lipases and super-antigens.

Think of a low bacterial density, non-virulent, as a community of single family homes. The biofilm acts as a 20 story high-rise apartment complex, leading to a high density of bacteria, and thus virulence. 

The BlephEx treatment is the “bulldozer and wrecking ball” that will destroy these apartment complexes, thus greatly decreasing the density, and therefore virulence of the bacteria.


Biofilm=apartment complex


BelphEx – Treating Dry Eye Disease by Removing Biofilm

BelphEx effectively reduces bacteria and inflammation as well as enhancing other treatment therapies. The first FDA approved prescription dry eye treatment was approved in 2002 (cyclosporine). Since then our understanding of dry eye disease has evolved to recognize that it is a two tier condition. The broad range of treatments available today show that the precise cause is not completely certain. Newly identified as a prime culprit is the presence of biofilm on the lid margin and its effect on the ocular surface. A BelphEx treatment is proven to be one of the simplest ways to improve tear film. BlephEx™ is a revolutionary new device for doctors to use in the treatment of blepharitis. BlephEx stands for microblepharoexfoliation, a painless procedure that safely and effectively removes the scurf and excess bacteria and biofim that is responsible for the majority of low-grade inflammatory blepharitis, the primary cause of chronic dry eye disease.

Blepharitis Before

Accent Eye Care Eye Examinations and Testing

Blepharitis After

Accent Eye Care Eye Examinations and Testing


Accent Eye Care Eye Examinations and Testing

Neurolens is a cutting-edge eye tracking system that can identify even the slightest misalignments. The system is so detailed, it gathers over 10,000 data points in a single patient.

Neurolens delivers a highly accurate and verifiable standard from which to measure eye alignment.