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Is it Too Late?

Vision therapy is not just for children. Vision therapy for adults carries the same effective results as vision training for children. Adult vision therapy is in many cases more effective, because adults are usually more motivated to improve their visual abilities.


Plenty of adults have visual problems sustaining near-centered work, including reading, writing, and computer use. When people have trouble using both eyes together or can’t focus for great lengths of time, these problems do not fix themselves. We see in most situations that children with visual problems will become adults with visual problems. In any case, it’s never too late to start adult vision therapy now, so further issues don’t arise as you grow older.


How a Vision Problem Can Affect Your Life

Adults will find a way to compensate for their visual problems, so that they can continue with any strenuous visual work they need to do. Do you come home from work extremely tired when all you did was sit at a desk and do paperwork? Some people will feel as if they had just run a 10K race! Children, on the other hand, will tend to avoid many visual tasks because these tasks are uncomfortable or make them feel inadequate. Comprehensive adult vision therapy with Dr. Gong is the first step in helping anyone with a vision problem to improve their quality of life.


How to Improve Your Vision

A developmental optometrist such as Dr. Gong can help to reduce the strain of near work as well as work with any other kinds of visual problems. Other optical aids along with vision therapy for adults can make a tremendous difference in an adult’s ability to function at work or sports. Call or visit us at our Phoenix office to set up a consultation about what adult vision therapy will work for you.