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Accent Eyes’ Phoenix Dyslexia Reversals for Expert Vision Therapy Care for Dyslexia

Accent Eyes’ Phoenix Dyslexia Reversal, is recognized for our expertise in helping patients overcome the problems they suffer because of a condition called dyslexia reversals. So, just what is dyslexia reversals?

This troubling medical condition sometimes is called “word blindness” and usually referred to as dyslexia. It is a Latin phrase, which literally means “difficulty with words.” The classic medical dictionary definition of dyslexia is that it is a cognitive (thought) disorder characterized by an impaired ability to comprehend written and printed words or phrases. In practical every day terms what this means is that a person with dyslexia simply sees words differently than persons without the condition. In Phoenix dyslexia reversals will help alleviate the condition.

It is most frequently described as the words or letters being seen and perceived as backward. People with this condition typically experience problems with reading and spelling despite adequate classroom instruction, and they often they find it challenging to “sound out” and identify printed words. The most important effect of this condition is that the person with it has a lot of difficulty reading even though they have adequate classroom or other instruction and can find it difficult to sound-out and identify letter printed words.

This can interfere with schools or other studies or even with activities of daily living that require reading skills, such as reading package labels, instructions for putting together things or written directions. It is very important to realize that dyslexia reversals have nothing to do with intellectual ability and is simply represents a different way that some people process written letters.

In Phoenix dyslexia reversals learning-related vision problems, such as dyslexia can be treated at and improved significantly in a relatively short period with vision therapy. We have developed a range of visual training programs and exercises that help many of people with visually related dyslexia reversal.

Vision therapy is an individualized therapy program for the eyes that shares many similarities with physical therapy. Accent Eyes provide individualized intensive treatment programs designed to correct visual-motor and/or perceptual-cognitive deficiencies for dyslexia reversal. Visual processing skills and eye movement can be developed and reinforced by practicing a prescribed set of exercises and activities that a child will do under the guidance of a trained vision therapist.

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