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Effective vision restoration therapy is not an eye exercise or an eye muscle strengthening procedure. Rather, vision restoration therapy is a therapeutic process that develops the neuromuscular control of the visual brain through a process that is evidenced-based on neuroscience. Extensive research shows that patients who are treated at a vision therapy facility will develop lasting improvement in their visual function. Optometric Vision Therapy is generally conducted in our eye care office in Phoenix once a week and is individualized to each patient’s visual needs.


The progressive program of vision procedures at our vision therapy facility are prescribed to improve comfort, ease and efficiency of the eyes, develop or improve visual skills, and improve how a patient processes visual information. Arrange a visit at our eye care office in Phoenix to learn more.


Optometric Vision Therapy is backed by evidence-based scientific research. Click on the latest research for optometric Vision Therapy. http://www.covd.org

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