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Accent Eye Care & Sports Vision Therapy

We change lives through innovative eye care!

Accent Eye Care is a full service, Arizona eye care facility that works with all age groups. Because our motto is to change lives through innovative eye care, we use the latest technology and proven practices at our vision center in AZ to keep you seeing your best.

If you are experiencing night-time driving issues, double vision, dry eye, squint, blurred vision, eye fatigue, excessive blinking, eye rubbing, traumatic brain injury or stroke affecting vision, or you have trouble performing simple tasks such as reading; please schedule a comprehensive developmental eye exam.

Your vision is important to us. Our eye care facility in Arizona provides superior optometric services to our patients, such as customizable digital refractions and lenses, innovative and hard-to-fit contacts, latest digital eyeglass fitting techniques, therapeutic training or sports vision therapy. Please remember that early detection and treatment of vision problems and diseases may save your eyesight, so visit our vision center in AZ as soon as you can.

We hope to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. We look forward to the opportunity of serving your family’s optometric and sports vision therapy needs. We will be delighted to have you as our patient. If you’re looking for quality eye care in Arizona with a personal touch, we hope you’ll give us a try.