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Welcome to Accent Eye Care and Sports Vision Therapy. We have demonstration videos explaining some of the basic exercises from your home vision therapy program. Vision involves more than just the ability to see 20/20. Vision is also the result of a person’s ability to process and interpret information received through the eyes.

The following initial exercises are the foundation to help you improve those visual skills that Dr. Gong discussed with you at your VT evaluation. Also included in your home packet are several items of resourceful information on how to take care of your vision. Please take the time to read them. At any time you have any questions regarding any of the information in these videos, please discuss them with your therapist or Dr. Gong at your next appointment. Please ask the staff how to get to these videos from this page.


Accent Eye Care Videos For Our Patients

Fixation works the visual skills to point the eye accurately to an object and keep them on target. A person with good fixation skills are efficient readers with less re-reads.


Accent Eye Care Videos For Our Patients

Pursuits work the visual skills to improve smooth and accurate eye tracking movements while following or locating a moving object.


Accent Eye Care Videos For Our Patients

Accommodation works the visual skills looking quickly from near to far without momentary blur or discomfort.

Pencil Push-Ups

Accent Eye Care Videos For Our Patients

Pencil push ups or near point converging exercise. Convergence is the ability to turn the eyes inward to look at close objects.

Brock String

Accent Eye Care Videos For Our Patients

Brock String is used to develop binocular coordination, specifically convergence with accommodations as well as to disrupt suppression of one of the eyes if needed.

Michigan Tracking

Accent Eye Care Videos For Our Patients

Michigan Tracking is a learning exercise designed to improve visual discrimination, left to right directionality, while correcting problems with reversal, omissions, substitutions and additions.