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Everyday, countless kids struggle while living a life out of focus. But if you can spot the symptoms of myopia, you can help!

Take your child for a comprehensive eye exam and learn more about the symptoms of Myopia at essilorusa.com. Because we believe every child deserves to see clearly.

Ask us about options such as Corneal Refractive Therapy (Rigid contacts to be worn at night to decrease myopia) and Vision Therapy to help with focusing flexibility. We have many options for you!

Accent Eye Care Myopia

1. What Is Myopia?

Myopia is one of the most prevalent vision issues, especially in children. Better known as Nearsightedness, it’s a condition of the eye where close up objects can appear clear, but at a distance everything becomes blurry and out of focus.

2. Symptoms Of Myopia

Accent Eye Care Myopia

Squinting to see distant objects, like the board in the classroom

Accent Eye Care Myopia

Sitting Too Close to the TV

Accent Eye Care Myopia

Holding Books Close when reading

Accent Eye Care Myopia

Experiencing Eye Strain or Headaches

3. Myopia Management Tips

Accent Eye Care Myopia

Bring your kid(s) for An Annual Comprehensive Eye Exam starting at 5 years old. A school of pediatrician vision screening is not enough.

Accent Eye Care Myopia

Ensure your child has the Correct Prescription Lenses.

Encourage your children to follow the 20/20/20 Rule: Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and focus your eyes on something at least 20 feet away.


Learn more and find an eyecare professional at Essilorusa.com