Accent Eye Care Contact Lens Testimonials  I would like everyone to know that my experience with Dr. Gong at Accent Eyecare was second to none! Top notch vision care and services. I love my new contacts!!

– Joshua Ferguson #34 Running Back for the Indianapolis Colts 8-23-17

Accent Eye Care Contact Lens Testimonials  My experience at Accent Eye Care/ Dr. Gong’s office was amazing.  At first, I was nervous about putting in my contacts. The people here are really nice and they helped me for a long time since I had never worn contacts before.  I have been wearing my CRT contacts for awhile now and my uncorrected vision is way better than when I started, so the contacts are working well for me. I have had a really good time in my experience here.

– Megan Small

April 24, 2017

Accent Eye Care Contact Lens Testimonials


My name is Darshini Sivakumar. I was nearsighted, but now I have 20/20 vision caused by wearing nightly Paragon CRT contact lenses. I enjoy not having to wear my glasses. Thank you so much Dr. Gong!

– Darshini Sivakumar

January 25, 2017

I moved to Arizona in 2003 and because of a preexisting eye condition, I found an eye doctor right away. I was a difficult patient and the doctor struggled to correct my vision. It was obvious that nothing was working and he suggested I see Doctor Gong, stating that she worked wonders on other patients he referred to her. Well, I’ve got to tell you, he was right. Dr. Gong did a lot more than work wonders, she worked miracles; she corrected my vision between 20/20 and 20/30.

Like many people I took my eyes and my vision for granted, and it was not until I lost my sight that I realized how important seeing is. I’ve been a patient of Doctor Gong’s ever since 2003, and I cannot imagine going anywhere else. The staff is well trained and professional, always cheerful and friendly; they answer all of my questions, and work with me every step of the way, even working me in to see Doctor Gong after losing a contact lens that saved my day, because without it I cannot see much of anything.

I was referred by Doctor Gross and I would like him to know that what he said about Dr. Gong working wonders was true, and thank you for sending me to see her as it has proved to be a truly remarkable experience for me.

-Dean B.

Accent Eye Care Contact Lens Testimonials  I have an eye condition that needs rigid gas permeable lenses to correct vision better than glasses would. I started wearing contacts about 6 weeks ago. I could just pass the driving exam with glasses. After wearing the contacts, it has been like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I can finally see signs without asking my wife. I can help my daughter do hidden searches and read stories to her. I am motivated to finish projects I started years ago. Dr. Gong and her staff made my wife and I feel like family. Dr. Gong worked diligently to get the fit right. Contacts have changed my life so much, I wish I had made the decision to wear contacts 5 years ago. I drive in from Kingman, which is over 4 hours away, and it’s definitely worth the drive.

I was referred by my corneal specialist and would like him to know that this is the best referral I’ve ever received. Thank you. Since I began wearing contacts, I have noticed the following: Increased awareness of my environment, awareness of depth, improved speed of reading and comprehension, interested in reading, interested in trying new things, happier in general, and have more interest in my hobbies. I find that I am learning new skills more easily, have improved driving skills, improved self-direction, and I am feeling more in control.

-Steven W.

Accent Eye Care Contact Lens Testimonials  I’ve been a contact lens patient of Dr. Gong’s for about 12 years. Earlier (in 1997), I had radial keratotomy (RK) surgery in Phoenix on both eyes and, as with many RK patients, I have had vision problems ever since. Because of the many RK cuts, the surface of the cornea tends to change shape frequently. My vision can no longer be corrected with glasses alone. But, Dr. Gong has been able to correct my vision by fitting me with contact lenses. Because of the irregularities in the surface of my corneas, and the fact that the shape continues to change, I have to be refitted quite often. Dr. Gong continues to do an excellent job of fitting lenses to my ever-changing corneas. She is very patient and willing to work with me until we are both satisfied with the fit. She is always willing to spend as much time as necessary to get the results needed. It is a pleasure to work with someone as skilled and dedicated as she is.

-Gary D.

I have been wearing soft contact lenses and eyeglasses for more than 12 years. I was diagnosed with Keratoconus about 10 years ago and since then, I have been struggling with my vision due to my high astigmatism and the many times my vision changes over a months period. I was at the point of having surgery done on my eyes and was set to have my pupil changed so that I could see normal. Thanks to an honest person working at a surgeon doctor’s office, Dr. Gong was recommended to me before I would pursue any surgery. I made my first visit with Dr. Gong and from there after, my whole life changed. Just from her taking extra care to perfect my eyes even though I could only see 20/70 with contacts or glasses. From there she introduced hard contacts and corrected my vision overnight to 20/20 on both eyes. Please, anyone reading this article, have total trust in Dr. Gong and she will direct you the perfect way to your vision.

-Simon I.

Accent Eye Care Contact Lens Testimonials

I, along with my husband and daughter, have been coming to Dr. Gong for 8 years. Dr. Gong is the first doctor to get me to 20/20 or even close to that since I started wearing contacts at age 11, for I am a hard fit because of RK.

-Mary F.