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Accent Eye Care Pediatric Technology | North Phoenix

The field of medicine has seen many technological advancements in the twentieth century compared to many centuries before. This made it easier for physicians to save more lives by offering quicker and safer services. Some of these technologies have found use by pediatricians in providing patients better healthcare service delivery. This is especially critical when […]

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Accent Eye Care Visual cognition | North Phoenix

Is your child having difficulties in discriminating different shapes, numbers, words, letters, or colors that look similar? This could be due to lack of visual cognition or perception skills that are vital for learning. If this is not caught early, it could lead to socialization problems and withdrawal. This could have a negative impact on […]

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Accent Eye Care Stroboscopic | North Phoenix

Are you or your child having a challenge with visual perception? Poor or impaired visual perception skills affects you or your child’s learning abilities. Visual perception refers to how your brain interprets the images your eyes sees. These skills are important for everyday activities such as writing, eating, playing, driving, dressing and more. The absence […]

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Accent Eye Care Eyewear | North Phoenix

Do you know that using protective eyewear can keep your eyes safe? Studies by the World Health Organization shows that impaired vision affects about 2.2 billion people worldwide The use of glasses or contacts can help treat or avoid 80% of all visual impairments. Furthermore, findings by the Vision Impact Institute in their studies on […]

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Accent Eye Care Vision Therapy for Infants

According to the American optometric association, AOA, the presence of vision and eye problems in infants is uncommon. However, if it does happen, it could lead to a condition known as learning disability. Infants with a learning disability correlates with visual challenges. Does your infant have a learning disability? Has your infant been complaining about […]

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Accent Eye Care Vision and learning

Research shows that 80% of a person’s knowledge is formed from visual input and 13% of parents with children below the age of 2 do take them in for a proper eye examination. Therefore, there is a direct correlation between vision and learning. Poor vision affects your learning in many ways, as it lowers reading […]

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Accent Eye Care Eye screening North Phoenix

The National Eye Institute, United States, has predicted that between 2010-2040 the number of people with eye-related defects will likely double. You can receive a 10/10 eye exam score and still not differentiate one color from another. If you are concerned about your eye’s health and require solutions, call us today as we offer numerous […]

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Accent Eye Care Infants Vision | North Phoenix

Just as oxygen is essential to life, the vision of an infant is also crucial for your baby’s proper functioning. There is no doubt that the joy of every mother is to see her newborn baby look up into her eyes, after birth. At Accent Eyes in North Phoenix, we share your joy with you. […]

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Accent Eye Care Glendale Vision Care

Your eyes deserve the best care possible. Glendale Vision Care is the premier eye care treatment office in the entire area for good reason. That is because our doctors and teamwork together to provide you with the most comprehensive eye examination and eye care. When you are searching for eye care in Glendale, we are […]

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