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When your eyelashes and skin touch and rub against the surface of your eyes, it triggers pain, discomfort and eye irritation. This condition is called entropion. It happens when the skin of the eyelid bends inward.

The rubbing on the eye’s surface causes many of the following signs and symptoms. These include continual eye redness, irritation, and pain, watery discharge and extreme tearing, watery eyes. Some individuals have a sensitivity to wind and light as well as eye crusting and mucous drainage. There is a persistent feeling that something is always in your eyes. If this occurs, you must see your eye care professional right away. This is essential as entropion may progress and result in corneal damage. If the cornea is injured you may experience a reduction in vision, increasing redness, pain and light sensitivity. In addition, if left untreated the continued rubbing will damage the transparent layer covering the front of the eye. This will lead to eye infections and potential vision loss.

Entropion is very common as we age. Older adults are the largest demographics with this condition and it usually affects the lower eyelids. Some of the causes include lid muscle weakness, scarred skin from previous surgeries, inflammation, eye dryness, and genetics. Eye infections called trachoma can cause entropion as it leaves the inner eyelid scarred.

Treatments can include many options that will relieve the symptoms and may you more comfortable. These include ophthalmic ointment lubricants and artificial natural tears products. Many times your eye doctor will recommend surgery to correct entropion completely.

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