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At Accent Eyes we put family first. Our North Phoenix eye care treatment center welcomes patients of all ages looking for quality vision exams, therapy, treatments and more. Nobody should have to struggle with daily vision problems. With our highly qualified staff, state of the art technology, and decades of experience, we can provide the best eye care service for adults and children in North Phoenix.

We are an elite eye care facility with a special emphasis on vision therapy and training exercises. Our work has helped a wide range of patients from children with learning disabilities to professional athletes looking to push their game to the next level. Our optical services include lens fitting, vision therapy, comprehensive eye exams, supplements, and an ocular conditions treatment center. Thanks to Dr. Gong, Trinh, and Bushman, we are able to provide amazing service for people seeking the best eye care in North Phoenix and the surrounding communities.

Prevention is Always Preferable to Treatment

When it comes to maintaining clear vision there is nothing more important than attending your regularly scheduled eye exams. Our North Phoenix eye care center employs experienced caring professionals and state of the art retinal scanning equipment to provide the most accurate of your vision possible. This helps our doctors detect any issues or potential threats, such as high blood pressure, keratoconus, astigmatism, or cataracts. Many serious conditions such as glaucoma have no real warning symptoms until it’s already done irreparable damage, so attending your eye exams regularly and on time is very important. Additionally, if we find that surgery is the best option for you we will happily refer you to a talented ophthalmologist and assist you every step of the way.

At Accent Eyes, we believe our purpose is to make high quality eye care simple for everyone. If you live in North Phoenix, and you’re looking for a quality eye care center, then call Accent Eyes today at 602-547-3255.