Accent Eye Care What Type of Phoenix Vision Care Specialist Should You See? | Accent Eyes

The importance of healthy eyes cannot be overstated or emphasized enough. In order to live fully, enjoying all the beautiful sights, we need healthy eyes. This means being proactive in our eye health. Unfortunately, our eyes are very fragile and are prone to damage or malfunction, especially late in life. This may be due to carelessness, accidents, the aging process, or simple neglect. When our eyesight deteriorates, it is up to us to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

Phoenix is home to many talented vision care experts that are ready to help you set your sights on a future with clear vision. However, how do you know you’ve found the right one? There are multiple kinds of Phoenix vision care experts and they all have different purposes. Here is a simple breakdown of the three main types of eye care specialists so you can determine what kind of doctor you need to see.


Opticians are the vision care specialists that you see assisting customers in every vision center. They are qualified to help you find the perfect set of glasses and generally keep track of customer prescriptions.


Optometrists are considered the next step up from an optician. They can perform the same basic duties, however they are responsible for prescribing lenses and medication. Additionally, they can diagnose diseases and conditions.


Ophthalmologists are required to have the highest level of education of any eye care specialist, however many optometrists continue their studies without becoming an ophthalmologist. They are MDs certified to perform surgery. They can also perform the same duties as an optometrist or optician, but they usually use their time on higher level tasks that require their skills. It’s likely your optometrist knows several great ophthalmologists they can recommend.

Choosing a vision care expert in Phoenix is not so complicated. The type of specialist you need all depends on what visual problems you are experiencing. A Phoenix optometrist should be your first visit if you are experiencing symptoms like sever headaches, blurry vision, or any kind of optical pain. They will diagnose your condition and prescribe treatments as required. Call Accent Eyes, your leader in Phoenix vision care, at 602-547-3255 to schedule an appointment today!