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Accent Eye Care Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Most of us have always wished that we can see things clear despite it being near or far. Being able to see clearly is one of the best qualities we need in life in order for us to live comfortably. We use our vision for daily tasks, for hobbies, and for entertainment. Some people suffer […]

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Accent Eye Care General Questions for Contact Lens

Contact lens is an important part of life for people who use them as they help us see correctly without the hassle of wearing glasses. There are a few questions often asked on how to use contact lens in which we cover in this article. Which needs to be put on first, contact lens or […]

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Accent Eye Care Contact Lenses Will Not Go Behind Your Eyes!

Contact lenses are thin curved lens that are placed directly on the eye’s surface. Some people use it to explore creativity by wearing contact lenses with color or cosmetic decorations. Just like eyeglasses, contact lenses also assist vision problems due to refractive errors (nearsightedness or farsightedness) by providing clear vision by directly focusing light so […]

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Accent Eye Care What are antifog lenses?

Fogging refers to the accumulation of mist or steam on a surface when it is moved from one type of environment to another. For example, if you blow against a glass window on a chilly day, you see the window fog up. In most cases, glasses fogging up is a very annoying phenomenon, and in […]

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Accent Eye Care What is Hyperopia? | Accent Eye Care

Our medical, vision care specialists at Accent Eyes have years of experience and knowledge treating hyperopia. This condition is extremely common and is known as farsightedness. You are not alone as in the US there are over 3 million cases diagnosed annually. Hyperopia is a vision disorder that causes the individual to see far objects […]

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Accent Eye Care Contact Lenses | Accent Eye Care

Selecting the Best Contact Lenses In case you need vision correction, choosing the right kind of contact lenses is a critical step. Your eye doctor will offer you helpful information after evaluating your vision problem. There are various factors that you need to consider before buying contacts. The frequency of wearing them The rate with […]

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Accent Eye Care Refractive Errors | Accent Eye Care

Refractive Errors Refractive errors are the most common types of eye conditions that are treated with vision correction including glasses or contact lens. Refractive errors mean that when light passes through the lens of your eye it is not bending correctly. This is because the shape of the eye blocks light from getting to the […]

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PHOENIX EYE TREATMENT Eye treatment is the term that refers to various processes, procedures, and methods used to restore a patient’s visual health or condition to what it was before an illness injury or accident. These occurrences of injury and trauma are out of the patient’s control. However, the steps that they take after these […]

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