Accent Eye Care Technology of Our Advanced Eye Care Center | Accent Eyes

The eye is a complex and fragile organ that provides a key sense that we use every day. Having good vision contributes to your productivity in life. At Accent Eyes, our advanced eye care center offers a variety of services that are uniquely designed to fit each patient. Everyone from newborns to the elderly can find a professional and friendly face at Accent Eyes.

Our advanced eye care center is equipped to provide many different services including:

  • Prescriptions for glasses and contacts
  • Vision therapy for kids and adults
  • Treatment for many ocular conditions
  • Optimal EFA supplements

At Accent Eyes we have a commitment to providing excellent service at all times. Trust is essential and patients believe in us to offer the best advanced eye care service available.

Due to technology advancement, the health care industry has seen rapid development, which helps physicians in diagnosing and treating of vision diseases.

Some technologies at our Advanced Eye Care Center include:

Contact Lens Technology

We have in our facility the latest Medmont Corneal Topographer, a contact lens technology with 32 rings and 102,000 analyzed points. The Medmont Corneal Topographer is capable of providing a detailed assessment of the corneal pathologies for accurate contact lens fittings. Medmont is a world-renowned market leader in corneal topographers, offering patient’s comfort and accuracy. The Corneal Len technology can fit contact lenses that include multifocal and bifocals contact lenses and gas permeable contact lenses.

Glaucoma Screening Test GST

Patients can take advantage of the new state-of-the-art Glaucoma screening test (GST) equipment at our advanced eye care center. This equipment can, in less than a minute, distinguish between normal and abnormal visual fields. It works by offering stimuli three times at a brightness that only patients with normal vision can detect.

New Technology For Digital Preliminary Testing

With the state-of-the-art Stereo Optical digital Optec Plus, we can efficiently test many different facets of the eye like visual skill, quality of vision, and possible disorders. These include depth perception (3-D vision), near and farsightedness, color vision tests, loss of focusing flexibility, latent hyperopia (farsightedness), horizontal peripheral vision, astigmatism, fusion (ability to use your eyes together), lateral and vertical phoria (where the eyes rest horizontally and vertically) and contrast sensitivity test can be done.