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Phoenix Optical Technology

At AccentEyes, we have the power to diagnose many eye conditions sooner and more accurately, than nearly every other eye care facility in Phoenix. That is because our state-of-the-art Phoenix optical technology means we have advanced vision-screening options. Now diagnose a wide range of eye care symptoms.
Visioffice is the most cutting edge in optical technology. We are proud to offer the only universal measuring system available in Phoenix optical technology.
Full-face 3D images are created and can help our team with eye-lens positioning. It is also instrumental in assisting with frame selection. That means we are able to dispense lenses that are specifically tailored to your face and your eye patterns.

Visioffice is a fantastic digital device that demonstrates lens features, including weight and thickness of lenses, along with safety features, anti-glare, and other tinting options. Using digital imaging, we are able to sample digitally a variety of different frames to find out which one is best suited for you. This is especially beneficial for patients who are learning to adapt to progressive-style bifocal lenses. We are the only office in Phoenix using this optical technology.

That dreaded question, “Which is better, number one or number two?” is always a challenge to answer. Now with our automatic refractor and keratometer, optical technology just got a lot more futuristic. Now before you are even in the treatment room, we will know plenty about your eyes. This new technique uses something called Pupil Zone imaging that gives our qualified Phoenix optical technology team the perfect starting point to begin your exam. It also allows a pinpointed measurement of the shape of your eye, making fitting for contacts even easier.

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