Eye Care Is More Important Now Than Ever

In today’s world, millions of people wear both glasses and contacts to protect their eyes from sunlight. Nearly 75% of American need some sort of vision correction. Glasses are by far the most popular. Many people choose glasses because they offer more protection than contacts. Others simply don’t like the idea of touching their eye or buying replacements frequently.

On the other hand, some people wear eye contacts for various reasons. People wear eye contacts to reduce blurry vision and as cosmetic enhancements. Eye contacts can also be used when playing sports, driving, or any other daily routines. However, it is usually not advisable to sleep with the contact lens in place.

Always have an annual check-up and get your eyes checked out. At Accent Eye Care and Sports Vision Therapy, we provide the best quality of advanced eye care, eye exams, eyewear, vision therapy, and so much more. In our advanced eye care center, located in Phoenix, we offer high-quality vision services for the whole family.

Advanced Eye Care Services

At our Advanced Eye Care center in Phoenix, we use state of the art equipment and a family first approach to ensure patients of all ages are satisfied with their experience. Since many of our patients are children the last thing we want is to cause any needless stress. We offer a wide array of services such as vision therapy, condition treatment, preventative care, lens prescriptions, and selling supplements. We also offer surgery co-management and can direct you to a qualified surgeon while monitoring your progress.

At Accent Eyes we understand that your eyes are an incredibly important piece of your identity, both in appearance and how you perceive your surroundings. That is why our staff look forward to helping every single patient. We provide the most comprehensive advanced eye care services in Phoenix’s North Valley, and we know you’ll be satisfied. Call Accent Eyes today at 602-547-3255!