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Visual Acuity Test goes by several names, such as Snellen test, eye test, or vision test and measures your clarity of vision. This test determines the smallest, tiniest letter you can read. The results are dependent on many factors, including the retina’s ability to focus with sharpness, overall retinal functioning and health, light sensitivity, and impulses to the brain to interpret the information seen. What is used is the industry standard chart, also known as the Snellen chart, or in some practices, a card held from a distance of 20 feet away.

The visual acuity test examiner is a licensed ophthalmologist or optometrist technician. The purpose of the exam is to check your eyes’ ability to see the details of letters of symbols. The administration of a visual acuity test is completed anywhere. The procedure is usually done at your optical provider’s office, or at work or school. During the test, you will remove your contact lenses or glasses and stand or sit. You will cover one eye with a small paddle or your hand and be asked to read particular lines of the Snellen chart.

Other components of a visual acuity test include counting the examiner’s fingers and following their hand movements from side to side or up and down with your eyes. The hand motions are essential to determine if you are seeing movements. This is known as a psychophysical procedure as it relates stimulus and responses to your perceptional field.

At Accent Eye our experts administer visual acuity tests as a standard of practices. We value your eye care health Call Accent Eyes today and book your eye health checkup. and your ability to see things from far away. The current recommendation is to have a visual acuity text completed annually. By coming in for consistent, regular appointments, we can determine visual changes, eye health, progressive conditions and begin necessary treatment early. Call Accent Eyes today and book your eye health checkup.