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An eyeglass prescription is written in a language all its own. The primary element is the refractive error, which means the ability of the eyes to focus light appropriately. The amount of correction to make your vision 20/20 is measured in diopters.

Eyeglass prescriptions correct for three types of optical conditions. They are presbyopia, myopia, and astigmatism. Farsightedness is presbyopia. Individuals with this condition see near object blurry and far object clear. Myopia is the reverse. Also called nearsightedness, people see far objects blurry and closer ones clearly. In astigmatism, light is concentrated in the retina in multiple areas; therefore, vision is blurry.

At Accent Eyes, if one of our licensed optical professionals gives you an eyeglass prescription it will be for one of these corrections. The numbers on the eyeglass prescription refer to the diopters. The higher the number is, the more nearsighted your condition.

In addition, there are abbreviation letters from Old Latin for left eye and right eye. OS derives from Oculus sinister or left eye and OD means Oculus dexter. Do not be concerned if the numbers are different for each of your eyes. It is normal for our left and right eyes to have different vision correction measurements.

Once your doctor gives you an eyeglass prescription, bring it to us. At Accent Eyes we have all the latest styles, top designers, and trending looks. You can replace your current eyeglass lenses with new ones reflecting the most current vision correction. Or we offer a wide selection of prescription glasses and sunglasses for a new frame look. Ask our optical care professional about thin HD Lenses that are tested for the highest scores.

Filling your eyeglass prescription at Accent Eyes is the most cost effective choice for outstanding quality, excellent customer service, and fast turnaround times. Make an appointment today for an eye exam or come in to update your eyeglass frames.