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Accent Eye Care EyeCam: Dry Eyes Imaging System

A dry eye is a condition when your eyes fail to produce enough tears or tear film, which results in irritation and blurry vision. Smooth and slick layer to bend light more precisely for better clarity of vision, and also form a protective barrier from the environment. Symptoms of dry eye include: – Stinging or […]

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Accent Eye Care Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

The eyes are naturally exposed to the environment, with the maintenance done by the eyelids to keep the front face of the eyeball known as the cornea moist. With many people falling victim to vision problems, some opt for a more discrete solution. Eyeglasses may be quite annoying for some, so they use contact lenses. […]

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Accent Eye Care Silverstone SS OCT

The Silverstone SS OCT is a powerful and innovative technology that is revolutionizing and becoming the gold standard in today’s retinal imaging industry. It is the only one of its kind that has an ultra-widefield (UWF) imaging device with integrated swept-source OCT. It captures a retinal image with unrivaled, crystal clear, clarity in less than […]

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Accent Eye Care Visual Acuity Test | Accent Eyes

Visual Acuity Test goes by several names, such as Snellen test, eye test, or vision test and measures your clarity of vision. This test determines the smallest, tiniest letter you can read. The results are dependent on many factors, including the retina’s ability to focus with sharpness, overall retinal functioning and health, light sensitivity, and […]

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Accent Eye Care Eyeglass Prescription | Accent Eye Care

An eyeglass prescription is written in a language all its own. The primary element is the refractive error, which means the ability of the eyes to focus light appropriately. The amount of correction to make your vision 20/20 is measured in diopters. Eyeglass prescriptions correct for three types of optical conditions. They are presbyopia, myopia, […]

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Accent Eye Care Sty | Accent Eye Care

A sty is an infection that occurs on the outside or inner surface of the eyelid. It looks like a pimple or bump that is red, swollen, and painful. While most sties are innocuous and go away within a few days, they are tender and sore. If they interfere with your vision or are filled […]

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Accent Eye Care Optic Neuritis | Accent Eye Care

The optic nerve is critical for maintaining healthy vision. Within the optic nerve are neurons that carry information from our eyes to our brain. When there is inflammation or swelling of this neural bundle, the optic nerve can be damaged. This condition is called optic neuritis. The myelin sheath that covers the nerves is damaged […]

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Accent Eye Care What is Hyperopia? | Accent Eye Care

Our medical, vision care specialists at Accent Eyes have years of experience and knowledge treating hyperopia. This condition is extremely common and is known as farsightedness. You are not alone as in the US there are over 3 million cases diagnosed annually. Hyperopia is a vision disorder that causes the individual to see far objects […]

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Accent Eye Care Drusen | Accent Eye Care

Your vision care experts see all types of common and unusual ophthalmic conditions. Drusen in the eyes is the accumulation of small white or yellow particles. The word comes from the German meaning node. These pebbles or particles are extracellular matter that collects over time. These particles are made of fatty proteins or lipids that […]

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Accent Eye Care Tucson Conjunctivitis treatment | Accent Eye Care

In Tucson, Arizona, the vision specialists at Accent Eyes treat all types of conjunctivitis. This is an eye infection caused by either a virus or bacteria. What are the main differences between conjunctivitis treatments? First, viral conjunctivitis is spread in the air, by coughing and sneezing. The infection can spread rapidly to both eyes, causing […]

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