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At one time or another in our lives, we all experience sensitive eyes. Fortunately, many times it does not mean that something serious is the underlying cause. However, the symptoms of sensitive eyes are uncomfortable and frustrating.

There are numerous causes of sensitive eyes and treatment is available. Always check with your eye care professional before starting any new medicine.

During specific times of the year, seasonal allergies and dry eye may be a trigger for sensitive eyes. The symptoms include eyes that are sore, sensitive to light, red, itchiness, and tearing. Another common name is hay fever, which also causes nasal stuffiness.

Allergies are caused by something in the environment and our immune system kicks into overdrive. This may include fragrances, makeup, dust, pollen, grasses, pet dander and certain chemicals or food. Some treatment medications are antihistamine eye drops or tablets.

For some people, non-drug methods such as cold compresses and closing your eyes will give relief. If you work on a computer, rest your eyes every 20 minutes and gaze at something about 20 feet in the distance for 20 seconds. This helps the eye muscles relax and the eye movement lubricates the eyes with tears.

Sensitive eyes can also happen if the eyes become too dry that is caused by less tear production. Exposure to smoke from cigarettes, cigars, or vaping can cause symptoms, as well. By using a natural tears eye drop product it will lubricate and soothe the eyes providing symptom relief. Your eye doctor can check and test your eyes, diagnose, and recommend a treatment plan.

Other elements to protect your eyes from sensitivity include regular, annual eye exams, eat a healthy diet rich in green leafy vegetables, keep your weight in a healthy range, know your family’s medical history, wear UV-A and UV-B radiation blocking sunglasses and stop or never start smoking.

If you develop any eye symptoms, call the eye doctors at Accent Eyes as soon as possible, do not wait for it to worsen or for your next appointment.