Accent Eye Care Causes and Prevention of Eye Discharge

Causes and Prevention of Eye Discharge

Eye discharge is a normal process that clears the waste products from your eyes and harmful elements from the tear film. The discharge contains a variety of substances, including oil, skills particles, and mucus. Although eye discharge in your eyes after sleeping is normal, too much of it signifies that you may have an eye problem. When you notice green and yellow discharge accompanied by irritated eyes and sensitivity to light, it’s advisable to seek medical attention.


Abnormal eye discharge may be an indication of the presence of an eye infection. Various conditions cause abnormal discharge, including conjunctivitis, eye herpes, acanthamoeba, and fungal keratitis.

Conjunctivitis affects the conjunctiva and has various symptoms, including eye irritation, swollenness, and abnormal eye discharge, which may be greenish or yellowish. The discharge usually appears on the lash line when you’re asleep. Conjunctivitis is caused by various pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, amoeba, and others.

Also, it can come about as a result of eye herpes-a viral eye condition. Some people experience eye sand because of fungal keratitis, which results in swelling of your eye’s cornea. A common cause of sleep dust is acanthamoeba, which may cause blindness if left untreated for a long time.

Some cosmetic items that get into your eye may cause itchiness, tearing and eye discharge. For example, this may happen if you go to sleep without cleaning off your mascara or removing any false eyelashes or eyeliner.


You can prevent this through various strategies. If you have an eye infection get it treated by your doctor, avoid its spread by washing your hands thoroughly before and after touching the eyes. In addition, never share towels, eye makeup, and eyewear.

In case you experience abnormal eye discharge, it’s essential to seek medical attention as this could be a sign of infection. Various conditions like conjunctivitis, fungal keratitis, and others should be prompted treated. The eye care professionals at AccentEyes are available to sever you and your family.