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Eye Twitching

Most people experience eye twitching at some point in their life. In most cases, twitches are harmless when they happen for a short time. However, when you experience eye twitching for an extended period, it’s essential to seek medical attention. There are specific neurological conditions that have eye spasms as one of the symptoms.


Eye twitching is a spasm that occurs involuntarily on your either lower or upper eyelids. Although some people experience mild eye spasms which last shortly, others may have strong and prolonged ones that may lead to the closure of their eyes.

In most cases the twitches are harmless. However, they may cause discomfort, especially if they last for a long time. It’s critical to seek medical attention in case you’ve persistent eye spasms.

Causes and treatment

There are multiple causes, including allergies, eye-straining, stress, use of alcohol, tiredness, side effects of specific drugs and eye irritation. The treatment offered depends on the underlying cause.

Most individuals undergoing stress may experience eye spasms. You can counteract your stress in many ways, including breathing exercises, yoga, and spending quality time with friends and family.

In case you experience eye twitching because of tiredness, it’s advisable to ensure that you’ve got quality sleep. You should also seek medical attention in case you’re experiencing insomnia.

Digital strain is one of the causes of eye twitching for people who get glued on their computers and smartphones for a long time. One of the best remedies for a digital strain is to adhere to ’20-20-20 rule.’ Following this rule enables you to look away from your device after every 20 minutes, and focus on an object that is at least 20 feet away for a minimum of 20 seconds. It would help if you also considered buying computer eyeglasses after consulting your doctor.

In case your eye twitching condition occurs after taking caffeine, cut down the amount you drink. If you encounter eye spasms after taking alcohol, it’s advisable to abstain from it for some time.

Although eye spasm is a harmless condition when it occurs for a short time, it’s essential to seek medical intervention if you have a prolonged experience. Call your professionals at AccentEyes.