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What is an eye infection?

An eye infection is a condition that is caused by multiple pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. There are various forms of eye infections ranging from conjunctivitis to eye irritations. You can have an eye infection regardless of your age or gender. However, the problem tends to occur mostly in children and people who have undergone recent eye surgery.


An eye infection presents various symptoms depending on the cause. In general, signs include reddening of the eyes, tearing and discharge, as different parts of your eye may be infected, such as the eyelid, cornea, and conjunctiva. It’s advisable to consult an ophthalmologist near you when you have an eye condition.

Signs of complications

In case you don’t seek medical attention, eye diseases can cause serious problems that may lead to sight loss. For instance, a disease like corneal ulcer may lead to blindness if left untreated for a long time. Infections that spread to your tear glands may lead to inflammation and blockage of the drainage system, which results in dacryocystitis.


Those caused by viruses include conjunctivitis and ocular herpes. Keratitis is a common eye infection caused by fungus. Specific types of amoeba can also cause eye conditions. For instance, acanthamoeba is a type of sty caused by an amoeba. Trachoma is spread by flies and mostly people from less developed nations.


An eye infection can be extremely contagious; therefore, you can prevent some by applying a variety of methods. These include do not touch the eye, place eye protection when you are going outside, wash your hands before and after touching your eyes, avoiding exposing your eyes to dirty water, and avoid sharing your eyewear.

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