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Vision Therapy involves the use of specialized techniques like exercise, prisms, patching lenses, and testing to enhance the visual capabilities through the firming up of the muscles. Accent Eye care is one of the leading centers for vision therapy Phoenix, and its goal to promote visual health sustainability.
Signs and symptoms

Children who often skip lines when reading, avoid participating in classroom exercises, get quickly exhausted when watching something exhibit symptoms that need specialized eye training. Vision therapy Phoenix is designed to deal with the challenge of poor education from eyesight challenges and educate the community on the need for the practice.

The Practice

Vision therapy Phoenix aims at improving health as it assists in dealing with challenges such as; lazy eye, positioning, turned eyes, dim focus, and poor synchronization. The various practices offered include focusing, convergence, eye synchronization, and fixation. Issues like short-sightedness and long-sightedness are corrected using lenses and laser surgery, but other problems such as eye-to-hand coordination improves through Vision Therapy Phoenix.

Each patient has specified eye care needs, and this helps the licensed specialist in identifying the frequency of exercises to be performed on the individual. The optometrist determines the number of times a patient should attend, depending on the effect they intend to achieve.

Vision Therapy Phoenix is a sustainable approach of dealing with visual challenges among children and youth on whom the treatment is more effective compared to adults.

Optometrists in charge of the Vision Therapy Phoenix are highly trained to detect challenges of coordination or eye positioning through approved testing procedures. Patients also get training on how to carry out the exercises without the lenses and prisms used in the eye care centers.


Accent Eye care recommends vision therapy Phoenix for better vision outcomes by dealing with visual challenges through muscle training.