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Reasons To Consider Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy (VT), is also known as Optometric Vision Therapy plays an essential role in eye health. It is a type of exercise and physical therapy for the eyes and brain. It is a customized program and the techniques target the individual’s personal needs. Designed with you in mind, they are effective procedures that use the body’s natural processes and focus on any underlying conditions and causes.

Reasons to consider vision therapy are many fold. It is a viable option for maintaining lifelong eye health. Vision therapy combines eye coordination and muscle strengthening exercises with the objective of guiding your eye movements. In doing so vision therapy can

Reduce the requirement or use of glasses and contacts

While glasses help you see clearly and better, they do not fix the initial cause of the vision changes. Vision therapy can train your eyes to adapt to the ocular distortions. This in turn has the potential to reduce the need or eliminate visual corrections with glasses.

Improve tracking disorders and dyslexia, leading to better learning outcomes in school

Another of the reasons to consider vision therapy is the possibility of helping children with vision related learning disabilities. With this therapy, the child’s brain is retrained to see visual data more efficiently, quicker and clearer. This can lead to better education outcomes in problem solving, reading and thinking.

Utilized as a treatment for lazy eye, double vision, strabismus, amblyopia and post trauma or stroke

This form of ocular physical therapy uses multiple types of vision training designed to retrain, strengthen, or sharpen vision. Implementation as soon as possible after a stroke or brain trauma, can improve overall coordination, creation of brain neural pathways around the damage, and help your brain adapt. In addition, visual therapy may be a viable alternative to a surgical procedure. Discuss this with your healthcare provider and review all your options.

There are many reasons to consider vision therapy as all ages can reap the benefits. Training the brain and ocular muscles to do what they naturally do, only better will enhance your eye health.