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Accent Eyes Vision Services

At Accent Eyes vision services, we deliver more than just eye examinations. We are in integrative optical practice that believes in a comprehensive assessment to assure the highest quality of eye health possible. Receiving the appropriate vision services at Accent Eyes may reverse potential eye problems if detected early. Accent Eyes vision services include preventative care, testing for ocular conditions and illnesses, foreign body removals, pediatric and geriatric eye care.

Preventative care

All patients, even as young as 6 months, need to have their eyes checked annually. Many times these routine exams will detect the need for vision correction and eyewear that the individual did not realize.

Testing for ocular conditions and illnesses

Scheduling an annual exam, to test for ocular conditions and illnesses such as macular degeneration, cataracts, dry eyes, and glaucoma are a proactive method to keep your eyes healthy. Other ocular diseases include dry eye syndrome, pink eye, allergies and eye infections for which there is a reliable treatment available. At Accent Eyes vision services also test for indications of high blood pressure and diabetes by completing ocular dilation.

Foreign body removals

Sometimes tiny particulate matter embeds in our eye or cornea, causing tearing, redness and discomfort. We may not even know that it is there. At Accent Eyes our skills physicians will remove corneal foreign bodies and provide extension follow-up and patient information.

Pediatric and geriatric eye care

Eye care for the little ones in our lives is essential and backed by the American Optometric Association. They recommend eye screenings begin at 6 months and continue at age 3 years, 5 years, and annually after that. As we age, dry eyes myopia can occur. The specialists at Accent eyes provide screening and treatment for various ocular conditions as well as eye lubricants and ocular supplements.

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