Accent Eye Care Peoria Vision Correction

Vision correction falls under the scope of practice, commonly done in the opticians’ department. Accent Eyes offers competitive, credentialed, and licensed standards unequaled in the Peoria area.

Our professional expertise, customer services and patient centered approach is unmatched. All our vision correction and eye care services aim to recover our patient’s ability to see with 20/20 accuracy.

Customer satisfaction is the premier driver of our business. In this regard, therefore, Accent Eyes positions itself as the best provider of family-based vision correction care.

We consider and care about of all the related medical conditions and problems exhibited in an entire family. This is because of genetic vision disorders, hereditary, environmental and nutritional factors. Our optometrists and health team provide viable, helpful information and education towards this type of treatment.

Vision correction in the Peoria area, performed at Accent Eyes involves the refractive error correction by the use of glasses and contact lenses. We accomplish this by a careful study of the patient’s eye to determine the error margins, anatomy, and choices. After which prescription glasses, designed with quality equipment, superior glass and plastics for with high precision, are ordered.

The most common methods of vision corrections, at Accent Eye Care in Peoria, of course, are wearing eyeglasses and the use of contact lenses. These two devices often greatly enhance clearer vision by refocusing light rays on the retina, compensating for the shape of the eye. In extreme cases, such as where the retina is poorly positioned or slightly damaged, the refractive surgery may be recommended.

This high tech surgery is another option we offer for the residents of Peoria. The well-known refractive surgery done on premises is LASIK. During this laser procedure correction reshapes the inner cornea. This letters stand for laser assisted in situ keratomileusis. Refractive surgery is used in astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia. In many individuals, LASIK is a long-lasting alternative to eye wear and contact lenses.

Therefore, whatever vision correction methods you are interested in learning more about, give us a call. We are happy to be of service and pride ourselves on your health.