Accent Eye Care Eye Color - Understanding Iritis

An iris is a section of the eye that is responsible for eye color that surrounds the pupil, which is centrally situated. The iris is comprised of muscle fibers that regulate the amount of light that comes in through the pupil. To control the light, the pupil either becomes smaller in large amounts of light, bigger in darkness, or dim light. If the iris is inflamed, you are likely to suffer from a condition called iritis.

Cause of iritis
The condition falls into two categories and can occur when your eye has experienced trauma or non-traumatic events. There are multiple causes of the disease, which include

Eye injury- the eye can be injured through various ways including a penetrating injury, trauma due to a blunt force and exposing the eyes to specific chemicals which may burn it.

Infections- if the eye is exposed to a variety of specific bacteria or viruses, it may get an eye infection, which may cause iritis. You can also get iritis when you have particular ailments such as syphilis, lung infection and others.

Hereditary- here are specific autoimmune diseases that may cause illness. Conditions like arthritis and inflammatory bowel infection can cause the condition.

Specific medications- the use of particular drugs can also cause the disease. Specific antibiotic or anti-viral drugs can trigger the condition.

Sarcoidosis- this is a condition that is characterized by a collection of inflammatory cells in multiple parts of the body, including your eyes.

The disease comes with a variety of symptoms, including pain in the affected eye, blurred vision, and the pupil becomes unusually small. In case you suspect that, you have iritis call or contact us through our website,, for professional eye treatment services. You can also reach us through 602-547-3255. Our doctors have the experience and knowledge of offering the best quality treatment services.