Accent Eye Care Peoria Optical Care

At Accent Eyes, qualified and credentialed physicians, certified by various health, State and academic institutions, complete and oversee all your optical care. Furthermore, in the Peoria area, all our capable and trained staff delivers care with one goal in mind, your complete customer satisfaction.

The eye
Optical care originally comprises activities involving the study of the eye in depth. This then led to expanded avenues of vision correction, diet and nutrition, eye therapy exercises, eyeglasses, contact lenses, treatments for glaucoma, cataracts, infections, and other surgeries.

Commonly, opticians dealt with lenses and glasses based on the doctor’s examination and test of the eye. They measured, fitted, and created the lenses to help you see better. In addition, to offering numerous, personal eyewear fashions to best fit your style and personality.

Optical care services
In the Peoria area, Accent Eyes uses advanced procedures through a computerized eye examination and subsequent treatment through medication to enhance image processing and interpretation. Professional optical care services aimed at providing the best refractive error correction through advanced and precision produced lenses are the mainstay for our medical facility.

In order to live and see comfortably, a deficiency in 20/20 vision requires correction. High quality lenses and specialty glasses, for patients who may have extreme cases of refractive error, customize to your individual requirements.

We are affiliated with the high-end glass lens industry that produces precision contact lenses and lenses that corrects a refractive defect. This allows you to have the highest degrees of vision restoration and image processing capacity.

Additionally, there are features available to enhance and support reflection repair, durable, scratch resistant coatings, as well as photochromatic lenses, as prescribed by the doctor.

The Peoria area optical care offered at Accent Eyes is equipped with superior high tech equipment that fits the needs of different patients. For example, glaucoma steals eyesight, if not detected early. By developing a standard of practice in our clinics, we screen for glaucoma, retinal disorders, and other conditions.

Excellent optical care is our mission; visit Accent Eyes near you, today.