Accent Eye Care Peoria Family Eye Care

Family is where the heart and the strength of our community is born. At Accent Eyes, in the Peoria area, our family of eye care professionals is your extended family. We are here to serve your family and friend’s eye care needs.

Extended vision family
We can arrange family specific care within Accent Eyes, so you get the specialized doctor of your choice. They will be available for routine checkups, or eye problems that occur unexpectedly. From pink eye, conjunctivitis, to glaucoma, cataracts and new glasses or contact lenses, we are specialists in all vision therapies.

Family based care
This means that your entire family, from infants to seniors, is welcome at Accent Eyes. Based on our skills, experience and credentials, we provide services for all ages for family eye care and vision related problems.

Our experts apply their highly valued and specialized skills to help everyone, especially young children and older adults with visual processing problems. At your request, entire family-based care services is provided, which enhances the flow of services, appointment scheduling is more convenient, and saves you time and stress.

Family eye care is usually fine-tuned, based on the genetic impact of vision processing that can be analyzed within a family. Our services in family care include vision correction without surgery, prosthetic contact lenses and other related visual processing tests.

Supplementary services
If necessary, other auxiliary services arranged within family-based care are neuro-optometric rehabilitation, brain injury and examination based on visual processing and visual balance disorders.

The neuro-optometric rehabilitation is a process undertaken to help a patient recover from brain injuries and concussions. This is vital in rebuilding the visual processing skills. The power to process images and have clear picture is the end goal of all healthcare eye medical facilities that work to provide family eye care.

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