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Eye Irritation

Eye irritation is one of the most common conditions that affect many people. The condition can affect either one eye or both. The itchy feelings in your eyes can make your day terrible as you may not concentrate on your daily duties. It’s desirable to seek medical attention if you experience the condition.


Eye irritation comes with multiple symptoms. These include pain, itching, light sensitivity, tenderness of eyelids, burning sensation in your eyes, teary eyes, and redness in the eyes.


Some people experience eye itching due to allergic reactions. Eyes can be allergic to various conditions, including pollen, molds, dust and others. Immediately, you expose yourself to these allergic conditions, you start experiencing itching of your eyes.

Irritants are another common cause of eye irritation. There are various eye irritants, such as smoke, dust, or mist from specific chemicals. In case you expose yourself to irritants, your eyes may redden and become teary.

It can also occur when foreign particles enter your eyes. Some objects that may come into your eyes and cause irritation include pieces of glass, eyelashes and others. In case you’ve got a foreign particle in your eye, it’s essential to act quickly and remove or seek medical attention. If left for so long, some objects may permanently damage your eyes.

Digital eye strain is also another common cause of irritability in the eyes of some people. The problem occurs when you expose your eyes to the computer screen, tablet or phone for a long time.

Various kinds of infections, including viral, bacterial and fungal, are also significant causes of eye irritation. Eye infection symptoms vary depending on the purpose.


Various treatments of eye irritation are available. In case you have allergies, you can apply over-the-counter drugs. You can get relief of symptoms of irritants by cleaning your eyes with warm water. It’s advisable to remove a foreign particle in the eye to minimize irritation, so be sure to call your eye specialist for an appointment.

If you experience irritability in your eyes, it’s advisable to determine the underlying causes so that you figure out the best treatment strategy. The information offered in this piece helps you to understand some of the common causes and treatment options of eye irritation.