Accent Eye Care Dry eyes treatment | BelAir

Having dry eyes is a condition where a person might not be able to produce the quality of tears needed to nourish and lubricate the eyes. We all need enough tears to maintain the health of our eyes. If we don’t get the necessary quantity or quality, dry eyes treatment in BelAir might be able to help. This could solve a lot of problems right away and protect against further serious issues.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes
Dry eyes might cause a person to feel irritated and moody, especially as they suffer from scratchy eyes. You may also feel like there is constantly something in your eyes. Blurred vision, excessive watering, and other uncomfortable symptoms may also appear. Our experienced and trained staff will be able to root out the main problem and see what your specific situation requires.

If the issue of dry eyes continues to an advanced stage, this might impair your vision for the long run or damage the eye’s front surface. Before this happens, sign yourself up for a consultation and get the help you need.

Tests, Diagnosis, and Treatments
We’ll give you a comprehensive eye exam to determine the level of dry eyes. This also means measuring the tear prediction, the quality of tears, etc. If a diagnosis of dry eyes is confirmed, you’ll get a recommendation for dry eyes treatment BelAir has to offer. This will hopefully maintain or restore normalcy to the tears your eye produces.

If you’ve been experiencing something like the symptoms of dry eyes, there is no need to despair. Having dry eyes is not the end of the world. However, it is a common problem and quite often a chronic one. Get a consultation of dry eyes treatment in BelAir and checkup right away; you might be making your future much more comfortable.