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Conjunctivitis is a difficult word. But you might know it better as ‘pink eye.’ It’s nasty, it’s annoying, and some forms of it might even be contagious. Staying informed is the best way to get the treatment you need. So, find out about this issue and make your life easier. From there on, our staff will be best able to guide you in the best manner possible.

How Conjunctivitis Happens

There is a part of the eye called the conjunctiva. This is a thin, clear layer of tissue that lies over the white area of your eye. It also lines your eyelids and has some tiny blood vessels. Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, occurs when these blood vessels are inflamed.

The inflammation causes the eyes to become red or pink, hence the name ‘pink eye.’ Don’t worry too much about it; consult our experienced professionals and find a way out of this.

Who’s at Risk?
Conjunctivitis in BelAir is quite contagious. It affects anyone who is in contact with it without the required precautions.

Who does this mean?
Your kids are at the most risk, with their teachers and daycare workers second in line. Parents are also right there in the mix, along with siblings and anyone else in the family home.

Causes of Conjunctivitis
Conjunctivitis in BelAir is caused by bacterial infections, viral infections, exposure to foreign objects, allergies, etc. It could affect both your eyes or just one of them. There is also a bit of discharge for most people with this health issue.

How to Treat
Your conjunctivitis in BelAir is treatable. But it is best to detect it as early as possible. This is how the disease won’t spread so rapidly to other people. Conjunctivitis in infants and newborns is especially troublesome and needs immediate attention.

The symptoms might be a bit frightening – think red eyes, green discharge, and constant discomfort. However, our team of trained professionals is ready to detect and treat any disturbing issues.