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Accent Eye Care How to Protect Your Eyes from Digital Strain?

Technology has made many people depend heavily on digital devices. Whether you’re using a digital tool for entertainment, work, or social reasons, the chances are that at some point, you’ll feel some discomfort because of an eye strain. You only need two hours of screen time daily to develop digital eye strain. No wonder many […]

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Accent Eye Care Ways of Improving Your Vision If You’re Over 50 Years

If you’re working on computers and reading frequently, the chances are that by mid-40s or early 50s, you’ll start experiencing vision problems. To continue seeing well, you may have to wear prescription glasses or contact lenses such as BluTech lenses, Rancho Encanto. If you do require glasses, Accent Eye is here to help. In addition, […]

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Accent Eye Care Vital Vision Supplements That Can Improve Your Eyes’ Health

Good nutrition is vital to your eyes’ health just as it is to your other body organs. Eye supplements contain minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that are scientifically evaluated and proven to be effective. They supplement the nutrients that you get from your diet. If you’re living in the Rancho Encanto area, you may want […]

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Accent Eye Care Common Aging-Related Eye Diseases

Your eyes’ health may degenerate with age. Research shows that at around forty years of age, you may start experiencing trouble seeing objects and may be forced to use glasses to see close things. These may seem a normal occurrence. But to keep your eyes in good health, you want to be aware of those […]

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Accent Eye Care Types of Contact Lenses

Many people wear glasses around the globe. However, some people either do not like wearing glasses, or their medical conditions require the use of contact lenses for vision correction. Whatever the reason for choosing contact lenses, you want to learn more about them. For the Best contact lenses, Rancho Encanto, you can visit Accent Eye […]

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Accent Eye Care Three eye problems caused by diabetes

Diabetes has been known to cause or exacerbate eye problems. This latter happens especially if the diabetes is not detected early or if there is another underlying condition like high blood pressure. If you are experiencing some problems like seeing spots or holes in your vision, flashes of light, or experiencing blurred vision, you should […]

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Accent Eye Care Four Tips on Choosing The Right Eyeglass Frames

Eyeglasses are no longer used just by people with eye problems. They have become a fashionable eye accessory too. This increased growth of users has contributed to an increase in the production of different eyeglasses. For that reason, the task of picking eyeglasses can become overwhelming. However, there is no need to panic. These 4 […]

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Accent Eye Care How to Maintain Your Eyelid Health

When many people talk about keeping their eyes healthy, they mainly think about eating healthy and protecting their eyeballs from insult. However, they forget to take care of their eyelids until they have a problem. Your eyelid forms part of the lacrimal functional unit whose parts work in tandem to maintain the health of the […]

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Accent Eye Care Best glasses | BelAir

Wearing glasses is a big step for some. But it’s an exciting phase of your life as well! Many people are wearing glasses these days. So, there is no reason why your pair can’t become your fashion statement. For this, you’ll need the best glasses BelAir can provide. Getting the Right Glasses You might be […]

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Accent Eye Care Aging eyes | BelAir

Aging Eyes in BelAir can be the result of several factors. The nerves in your body weaken, the retina thins, and the vision starts to dim. Sounds familiar? You may not notice all these disturbing changes in the beginning. Perhaps, you’re using your glasses more often. The bright lights disturb you more than they used […]

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