Accent Eye Care Macular degeneration | BelAir

Macular degeneration in BelAir is a type of eye disease that worsens over time. Age-related macular degeneration or AMD is one of the leading causes of severe and even permanent loss of vision in people above the age of 60.

With this condition, a tiny portion in the center of the retina can wear down. This is called the macula and helps the retina in sensing light for the eye. Naturally, any damage to this part can result in a lot of difference in the way you see things. This includes an increasingly blurred vision, weak eyes, and severe vision problems.

Such a condition most commonly occurs as we get older. While it doesn’t lead to complete blindness, vision problems are enough of a reason to get professional help. That’s where our team of experienced specialists comes into the picture.

The treatment of macular degeneration BelAir provides depends on the kind of condition you have. The two major types are wet and dry AMD, with both having their own courses of treatment.

The initial changes for AMD might not be noticeable. But they will get larger and more troublesome if left untreated. This is why it’s best to schedule a consultation and check-up with us as soon as possible. With the right precautions, we may be able to stave off a much more serious condition in the future.

In general, the symptoms of macular degeneration in BelAir might include worsening vision, blurry areas at the center of your vision, different forms of color prescription, etc. All of these might be disturbing if you let them be, but timely intervention could make all the difference.

Bring your symptoms and concerns to our staff; they’re more than equipped to produce a diagnosis and recommend an effective form of treatment. Time is of the essence. So, act now before your eyes suffer any further. Call Accent Eyes today for an appointment with the best ophthalmologists.