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Selecting the Best Contact Lenses

In case you need vision correction, choosing the right kind of contact lenses is a critical step. Your eye doctor will offer you helpful information after evaluating your vision problem. There are various factors that you need to consider before buying contacts.

The frequency of wearing them

The rate with which you’ll be wearing the contact lenses will determine the kind of contact to buy. In case you will always be wearing them, it’s recommended to buy soft contact lenses. This type can be worn either full time or part-time. In case you want to purchase rigid gas permeable lenses, you must be ready to put them in daily and remove them at night. They cannot be worn 24/7.

Vision sharpness

The clarity of vision is also a factor as to the type of lenses to buy. Rigid gas permeable lenses (RGP) offer a clearer image compared to soft lenses. It’s essential to be aware that your eyes may take time to get used to RGP.

Care and maintenance

Contact lenses may cause various eye infections if not cleaned and disinfected correctly. It’s critical to agree with your doctor on the type of lenses that will be appropriate for your situation, time, and lifestyle. In case you cannot manage and clean your contact lenses daily, you should consider buying disposable contacts.

Eye color

Some people want to change or improve their eye color. If so, you can purchase contacts that can accomplish this. Theatrical contact lenses are effective in changing or enhancing your eye color.


If you are over 40, it’s advisable to consider buying bifocals as they enable you to do away with the need to purchase separate reading glasses.

Eye irritability

Eye allergies may limit the comfort of your contact lenses. If you’ve eye allergies, discuss the options with your doctor for the best choice for you.

Some people like buying contacts to help in correcting their vision problems. The information in this blog will help you in making the right decision in consultation with your eye care health professional