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Eyestrain is very common in today’s culture. Many of us work on computers for hours on end. If you have eye problems, doing an eye exercise or exercises can help with eyestrain, improve focus issues, and build optical stamina.

Eye exercises

By getting into a daily eye exercise routine, it will keep your eye muscles in good tone and reduce eyestrain throughout the day. Here is an easy to do movement that will inherently strengthen your eyes.

1. Focus on a particular thing, then let your eyes slowly drift from it. Be sure to keep your gaze steady and not move your head. Rather have your eyes continually focus and refocus on the object.
2. A good eye exercise to strengthen your eye: first, select a perspective on the floor 10 feet in front of you and concentrate your vision on it. With your eyes, trace an imaginary figure eight, moving very slowly. Lastly, continue tracing for 30 seconds, then switch directions, repeating the movements seven times.

Eye health

There are many things you can do to keep your eyes healthy. The first is to wear sunglasses. Too much sunlight through the eyes can cause future problems from the UVA and UVB rays, such as cataracts. Two, if you need glasses, wear them and update your lens prescription annually. Simply put, they will keep your eyes functioning without straining them.


Another eye routine involves eating and your nutritional diet.
Carrots are great for eye health and a healthy snack. The vitamins help to keep the eye’s ability to focus intact.

In all, eye exercises can strengthen your eye. The eye has the capability to perceive the world, if you could not see then it would be hard to interact with everyday life. To keep your eyes healthy and performing to their optimum ability visit and schedule an appointment with our eye care professionals