Accent Eye Care Vision health | Phoenix

You already know that going to the doctor and to the dentist are super important aspects of taking care of your health. But what about your vision health? This is an often-overlooked aspect of total wellness, even though eye exams at every age and state can help keep your vision strong and your eyes in good shape.

Did you know that about 11 million residents of the US over the age of 12 need some kind of vision corrective lens? That means that there are countless Americans walking around with less than stellar vision health. We know improving your vision is just one reason to get your eyes examined. Regular exams also find eye diseases early and preserve your vision health.

Here’s something you might not know – eye diseases can go unnoticed for a long time and many of them have no symptoms at first. When you visit our Phoenix office, the first thing we’ll do is a comprehensive eye exam to help detect and underlying conditions in their early stages.

During your visit with our Phoenix team, we’ll evaluate your eyes for sharpness, depth perception, eye alignment, and eye movement. These tests help us understand if your eyes are in need of corrective alignment to help you see crisp and clear. We might even be able to spot other conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes long before your primary care doctor sees the signs.

The right vision care changes your life. Early treatment is critically important to prevent some of the most common eye diseases and to help maintain your vision health. Permanent vision loss or blindness can occur if conditions like cataracts and diabetes retinopathy aren’t treated.

Don’t put off an eye exam out of fear, anxiety, or worry. Call our caring Phoenix team at Accent Eyes today and put your mind at ease.