Accent Eye Care Children’s eye care | Bel Air

Our Bel Air team understand that learning always begins with the word, “see.” From classrooms becoming virtual to e-learning taking the place of textbooks, children’s eye care is becoming increasingly more important. Extended exposure to harmful blue light means that it’s important not to delay your children’s eye care exams, since some vision problems can impact vision for life. Here are the ABCs of children’s eye care.

A: Annual eye exams
Just like seeing the doctor once a year, it’s important that your child’s eyes be examined once a year too. Don’t wait until the first day of school, either. Pre-K eye exams are just as beneficial and can even detect a variety of conditions regarding your child’s vision from ocular alignment to light reflect issues. Since sight is so important to education, there’s no reason to delay.

B: Be aware
If your child exhibits any of the classic symptoms of needing corrective lenses, don’t delay in scheduling an appointment in our Bel Air office.
Becomes physically tired after reading or math assignments
Complains watery, burning, or itchy eyes
Holds books and devices far away or remarkably close
Performs below grade level at school
Rubs eyes after using a device for an extended period of time
Says that words become blurry or combine together

C: Consider your family history
Our Bel Air team knows that your child’s eye health has as much to do with them as it does their genetics. That’s why it’s imperative if your other children or members of your family wear corrective lenses. It’s smart to monitor your child’s eye health early and keep track of symptoms and conditions they might experience.

At Accent Eyes, we know that your child’s ability to do well in school pivots on good vision. Call us today to schedule an appointment.