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Accent Eye Care Retinopathy | BelAir

People who suffer from diabetes can also develop an eye disease called retinopathy. This is when high blood sugar levels cause damage to blood vessels in the retina of your eye. Blood vessels can swell and leak or close, stopping blood from passing through. Our Bel Air team understands the challenges people with retinopathy face […]

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Accent Eye Care Cataracts | Phoenix

Understanding what cataracts are and how them impact our vision is an important part of understanding overall eye health. At our Phoenix office, we do more than just treat conditions like cataracts. We make sure our patients completely understand the conditions they have, including the symptoms of their condition and the underlying causes. Here’s a […]

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Accent Eye Care Children’s eye care | Bel Air

Our Bel Air team understand that learning always begins with the word, “see.” From classrooms becoming virtual to e-learning taking the place of textbooks, children’s eye care is becoming increasingly more important. Extended exposure to harmful blue light means that it’s important not to delay your children’s eye care exams, since some vision problems can […]

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Accent Eye Care Vision health | Phoenix

You already know that going to the doctor and to the dentist are super important aspects of taking care of your health. But what about your vision health? This is an often-overlooked aspect of total wellness, even though eye exams at every age and state can help keep your vision strong and your eyes in […]

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Accent Eye Care Orthokeratology | Arizona

Orthokeratology is just a fancy word for corneal refractive therapy, which is something you do while you’re sleeping. This progressive approach helps to correct your eyesight and reduce your dependence on glasses and contacts without having to undergo eye surgery. We know it sounds a little farfetched, but the reality is that orthokeratology is a […]

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Accent Eye Care Optical technology | Phoenix

The optical technology tools that our Phoenix office might seem intimidating or scary since you often first encounter them in a darkened room! Lots of people avoid or delay their regular eye exams. We’re here to tell you that the optical technology we use is painless, efficient, and fully accurate! Let’s take a look at […]

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Accent Eye Care Vision therapy | Arizona

There are three main categories of vision therapy, all aimed at making sure you develop or improve your vision skills and abilities. To do that, our Arizona team creates a custom-made vision therapy program that can take anywhere from a few sessions to a few months to complete. Orthoptic vision therapy are exercises performed at […]

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