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Accent Eye Care Treating Eye Conditions

Accent Eyes Treating Eye Conditions Most people will experience some sort of an eye related condition in their lifetime. From the classic childhood malady of pink eye to dry eyes in adult hood and everything in between, there are plenty of options when it comes to treating eye conditions. It’s never too late to start […]

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Accent Eye Care Night Blindness | Accent Eye Care

Accent Eyes Night Blindness Night blindness is a type of vision impairment that makes it difficult to see at night or in poorly lit or dim environments. This condition is often misunderstood, as it implies that you’re unable to see at night. This isn’t accurate, since it’s more likely you simply have challenges seeing or […]

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Accent Eye Care Vision Care Facility

Vision Care Facility At our vision care facility, vision is vastly important in our everyday lives and nobody knows that better than the vision care facility at Accent Eye Care and Sports Vision. Their eye doctors and staff want each and individual person to feel comfortable and offer the highest quality of care. This includes […]

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Accent Eye Care Accent Eyes Quality Vision Services | North Phoenix Optometrist

We all have vision problems, right? Some people who are born with 20/20 vision can see very well. Others are born with blurry visions and need glasses at a very young age. Today, more Americans need some sort of vision correction than ever before. At Accent Eyes, we provide advanced vision correction through innovative technologies, […]

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Accent Eye Care Technology of Our Advanced Eye Care Center | Accent Eyes

The eye is a complex and fragile organ that provides a key sense that we use every day. Having good vision contributes to your productivity in life. At Accent Eyes, our advanced eye care center offers a variety of services that are uniquely designed to fit each patient. Everyone from newborns to the elderly can […]

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Preventative care Eye testing is essential in preventing a number of ocular conditions such as glaucoma. Many of these sight threatening diseases can only be detected with the correct medical equipment. Our eye exams use the latest technology to detect ocular conditions. The Daytona Plus, for example, allows us to take images of the eye […]

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Accent Eye Care Vision Therapy for Phoenix Patients of All Ages

Who is Vision Therapy Best For? Vision therapy is an individualized eye therapy program that is used by children and adults to improve cognitive skills, focus, and teamwork of the eyes. Vision therapy retrains the brain and strengthens the muscles of your eyes. From adults to children, students to athletes, everyone has a reason to […]

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Accent Eye Care Arizona Vision Therapy for Students and Athletes

What is Vision Therapy? Vision therapy is a form of physical therapy for the eyes and brain that focuses on improving visual skills. Good eyesight requires far more than just visual clarity. We need the muscle memory and integrated skills to control how our eyes behave and process the world around us. Our tactics are […]

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Accent Eye Care 3 Vision Therapy Exercises You Can Do at Home Right Now!

Learning and Your Vision Your eyes are amazing. They have the ability to automatically focus, track moving targets, and move your eyes together as one team. Without these skills, you could experience confusion, decreased reading comprehension, disorientation, lack of focus, and poor cognitive abilities. 20/20 clarity is important, but visual skills and functionality can seriously […]

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